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An article by Advanced Network Systems is included in Forbes Magazine’s Virginia Best in Business segment in the April 15, 2013 issue. You can download a PDF version here

Your Network is Only as Secure as Your Employee’s Smartphone

For the first time, employees are able to purchase the latest wireless tablets and smartphones—ahead of their employers—and they want to bring those personal devices to work. This practice makes it possible for employees to use the technology they like, and get their work done anywhere, anytime. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend provides opportunities for improved productivity, cost savings and organizational flexibility. But it also increases the pressure on IT to manage resources, secure devices and protect data.
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“BYOD is a growing issue for businesses, schools and government entities. What many decision makers don’t understand is that employee-owned devices using the network, either officially or unofficially,  will impact virtually every aspect of their IT systems– their wireless network, security and Internet bandwidth, to name a few,” explains Kevin Leibl, founder and president of Advanced Network Systems, Inc. “There’s a definite trade-off between capital investment savings on devices and the cost of adding the infrastructure needed to make BYOD successful.”

According to Leibl, BYOD requires a formal policy and a proactive strategy that define the appropriate use of devices, control costs and protect valuable backend data from unauthorized access. “The goal,” he says, “is to keep employees happy and productive, and also to ensure a high-performing, secure network.”

Getting BYOD right requires more than adopting a policy or deciding which devices employees can use. “Each organization may need a slightly different IT solution based on its specific user needs and budget,” says Leibl. “We look at BYOD solutions from both a strategic and an implementation standpoint. We’re involved in the planning, integration and support of all the technology and policies each client needs to be successful. Providing expertise on multiple levels for a key technology initiative, like BYOD, is a big part of the value we bring to the table.”

Founded in 1996, Advanced Network Systems is a Charlottesville-based IT solutions company with offices in Richmond, Roanoke and Bluefield. Its growing client base represents a diverse mix of industries throughout Virginia and West Virginia. “What continues to be so exciting for us is how IT can have such a positive impact on an organization’s operations and bottom line,” says Leibl. “Regardless of whether the conversation is about a virtualized data center, a business phone system or a secure wireless solution, we’re always focused on how to help clients reduce risks, capitalize on their technology investments and gain a competitive edge.”

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