About Us

About Us

Advanced Network Systems helps organizations support their business goals and solve operational challenges through the implementation of information technology. We offer a tailored mix of network design, systems installation and IT support services that include the right combination of people, products and processes to achieve successful business outcomes.

We Look at Technology Differently

If you want to achieve something beyond the status quo, you need to work with an IT partner that takes a different approach.

At Advanced Network Systems, we believe that technology implementation is not just about selling products. Rather, it’s a complete service experience designed to help our clients capitalize on industry-leading tools, expertise and ideas. We view our business as being as much about customer relationships as it is about technology. We know that when we take the time to uncover our clients’ critical businesses issues—their operations, culture, strategic objectives and budget—we can formulate solutions that have the greatest positive impact on how they function and perform.

We Believe In and Practice Accountability

What a client actually experiences, in terms of how we perform, will always mean more than any assurances we may make on the front end.

Our clients expect and deserve great service—not just “lip service.” We understand that accountability requires shared intention, ownership and commitment to action. We place a high priority on delivering what we promise and putting all the right resources in place to assure that our work meets each client’s expectations for functionality, performance and scheduling.

We Take a Strategic View

Business and IT are inseparable, and it’s the network that brings them together. It touches all people, locations, resources and applications. Which means it’s impossible to talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.

Regardless of the industry you operate in, capitalizing on innovation is a fundamental key to success. Information technology, by its very nature, is rooted in the leading edge of ideas - this makes IT ideally suited to be a catalyst of innovation and empowerment within any organization.

At Advanced Network Systems, we understand the powerful role information technology plays. Not only in running the day-to-day operations of an organization, but in its ability to transform it through innovation. As an IT advisor, we focus on strategically connecting IT capabilities to business value and showing each client how they can leverage their IT for a competitive advantage.

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