5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Phone System

August 8th, 2020 by admin

Upgrade phone system infographic

1. Do You Lack Common Features?

Organizations everywhere have sent their employees home to work remotely amidst the pandemic. To ensure business continuity and productivity, organizations invested billions of dollars in web conferencing software and collaboration tools. If you had to invest in these tools, then your phone system let you down. It’s time for an update to your system where these features are standard. Updates introduce technology improvements and new features that continually increase your organizational efficiency, productivity and security.

Updates introduce technology improvements and new features that continually increase your organizational efficiency, productivity and security.

2. Are You Worrying More About Your Phone System Than Your Business?

Managing how your phone system operates shouldn’t be on your list of high priorities. So how do you know if you're investing too much time maintaining your current phone system? Easy, just ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your employees use their mobile devices instead of your phone system?
  • Can you add new licenses and services quickly without overworking your IT staff?
  • Are software updates and upgrades a pain?
  • Do you have multiple applications that basically do the same thing?

If your answers for one or more of these questions make you uncomfortable, you're spending too much time dealing with an outdated phone system. Today's systems can give employees mobility, scale with your needs, update automatically, and are so full of features, that you can simplify communications and collaboration to a single tool.

3. Does Your Phone System Enhance Your Bottom Line?

Like all the other technology investments you have made, your phone system should be strategic in helping to boost your bottom line. Integrating your phone system into your current technological environment provides access to intelligence that enables your people to be more efficient and productive. To see if your phone is doing its job, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your phone system integrated with core applications like CRM, ERP or others?
  • Does your phone system provide data that enables you to optimize staff levels, evaluate employee performances or analyze customer behavior?
  • Does your phone system help sales reps be more productive?
  • Is your phone system a powerful tool for training and coaching employees?

If you answered, "No" to any of the above questions, count it a sure sign that it's time you tapped the hidden resource that is your phone system, and put it to work for you.

4. Can You Take Your System Anywhere?

The ability to take calls from anywhere no longer a novelty, it's a necessity, and your phone system should support you wherever you go. Whether you still work from home, you have returned to the office, you're working from the road or at a coffee shop, your phone system should allow you to communicate with customers as though you're at work. If you can't use a desk phone, computer or mobile phone to transfer a call to a co-worker because you aren’t in the office, then you definitely need to update your phone system.

Nearly 75% of organizations worldwide will have a portion of their workforce that will remain remote following the pandemic.

5. Are You Up On The Greatest and Latest?

Don’t overlook what you've been missing out on. Your phone system can do all these things and more. All you have to do is update your system. When you make the investment in the right solution, you can add mobile communication, collaboration and video seamlessly to your system and save thousands of dollars over piecemealing services from specialized vendors.

If you find yourself in a situation where you don't have good answers to one or more of these questions, we can help you determine what components of your current phone system might need a recharge and show you how a well-designed system can simplify and future-proof your business communications while reducing your total cost of ownership.

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