At Advanced Network Systems, we love helping organizations reach their business goals, and solve operational challenges, with the right information technology. We live and breathe IT, and are experts at combining the right people, products and processes to achieve successful business outcomes.

A few important things to know about us:

we're not just about products. We believe that the real transformative effect of technology can’t be delivered by just by selling you the newest available products. Instead, it’s by providing a complete service experience— one that allows you to leverage the benefits of our experience, expertise and ideas, as well as to capitalize on industry-leading solutions.

we’ve got no cookie-cutter. We believe that to serve your best interests, we have to offer product options and service flexibility. Our depth of expertise, means we can effectively address a wide range of technology, implementation or budget requirements you have. Whatever your IT resources—whether some or none—we're ready to help at a variety of levels. Our support ranges from to project-based services (where we augment your own internal IT staff), to managed programs (where we provide the services of a whole IT department).

we practice accountability. We believe that there’s a big difference between lip service and great service. We stand behind our work, place a high priority on delivering what we promise as well as putting all the right resources in place to make sure we do.

we want to know you. We believe that by taking the time to uncover your key business concerns—how and where you operate, your organizational culture, strategic objectives, priorities and budget—we can develop solutions that have the greatest positive impact on how you function and perform.

we like the view at 30,000 feet. We believe that IT is the engine which runs all things; an indispensable asset that touches every aspect of what you do.  So, when it comes to IT decisions, we like to take big picture view—including helping you make strategic choices that support your overall objectives, and showing you how to leverage information technology for a competitive market advantage.

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