We Aim to Please

We Aim to Please

Our 99+% Customer Satisfaction Rating

At Advanced Networks Systems, making sure clients are happy with our work is a big deal. To measure how we’re actually doing, we launched a customer satisfaction survey program in 2008. Our goal was, and is, to get feedback from all of our clients to ensure they are completely satisfied with their most recent service or technology purchase. We invite them to rate us based on qualities such as communication, professionalism, competence, quality, completion time and follow up.

Thousands of reviews later, we’re extremely proud to say that our clients have given us a 99.56% satisfaction rating. In fact, our clients are so happy with us that 100% of respondents said they would recommend Advanced Network Systems to others.
Customer Satisfaction Reviews

How The Survey Program Works

The objective of our survey program is simple: capture the data we need to fully evaluate our ability to meet and exceed the service expectations of our customers. To accomplish this, we use an online survey tool that is linked to each service ticket closure email. This means that everyone who uses our technical services has an opportunity to participate. Responses are monitored daily, and if a customer is less than satisfied we find out why. Issues raised are researched and, when needed, we work not only to fix the problem, but also to improve our processes. In a time when service execution and expectations are on the decline, we want to assure our current and future clients that their experience really does matter to us.

What Our Clients Are Saying

While the details of responses contained in surveys are confidential, some of our clients have volunteered to let us share their comments. Here’s what they’ve said about us:

“Before we used Advanced Network Systems’ Managed Network Services Program, I spent a lot of my time dealing with network issues. Now, I don’t really think about the network and how it’s running on a daily basis. It just runs the way it’s supposed to; leaving me more time and energy to focus on bigger picture issues.”

“ANS is without a doubt the BEST technical contractor that I have dealt with. I highly recommend them.”

“Your network engineers consistently handle our issues, going above and beyond reasonable expectations! You are truly an asset to us. Thanks for holding our hands!”

“The ANS engineer worked with OUR schedule to reboot a mission critical server. Thanks for listening.”

“You are a superb company. We are very fortunate to have a company like you to depend on.”

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Our service philosophy is centered on accountability to our clients. See the pledge we include with every purchase.