Technology Training

Technology Training

A major factor in the successful implementation of any technology is having the right employee training.

System Administrator Training

System administrator training bridges the knowledge gap for technical staff that need basic support expertise on the products their organization has deployed. These are instructor-lead, hands-on courses that cover the fundamentals of system administration including updates, configurations, performance monitoring and more.

End User Training

Properly trained users, who can fully utilize system functionality, can take advantage of capabilities to reduce cost and improve business processes. Whether your employees are healthcare workers, financial analysts or school faculty, our instructor-lead end-user training programs help organizations, both large and small, increase the positive impact and effectiveness of their technology investments.

Security Training for End Users

Employees need to understand how to protect company data, because 95% of breaches are caused by human error. Our engaging, cloud based training, which is available with our Managed Network Services and Managed Security Services, leads to fewer breaches, reduced legal and IT expenses, and less employee downtime. Learn more about our End User Security Training programs.