As the role of local government continues to change, so should your way of thinking about how you manage and deliver core services. Just like the private sector, you need to keep pace with new technology and customer demands. We can help you adapt at the same speed.

Managed IT Network Services
Our proactive support program ensures maximum uptime, employee productivity, and the most impactful use of your IT budget. We're flexible, so we can fully support and maintain your network, or we can just handle the time-consuming basics to free up your IT staff for higher-level work.

Managed IT Security Services
We go beyond the alarm bells of typical security software. Our security team preemptively closes gaps in your security posture without dragging down your functionality. We also proactively monitor your network so suspicious activities can be identified and remediated as they occur.

VoIP Business Phone Systems
Could your phone system be doing more? Our phone system solutions save you money on phone bills, while being incredibly easy to maintain. Modern VoIP also improves your employees' communication efficiency, helping them be more productive and responsive.

Wireless & Mobility
Having a highly reliable wireless connection and mobility are now essential to your employees. Your wireless infrastructure must be capable of supporting the growing number of devices and applications they require. When we implement a wireless system for you we analyze your on- and off-site requirements to design a highly reliable and robust system, for now and for the future.

Structured Cabling
Say goodbye to that mess in the server room. We provide the cabling infrastructure needed to seamlessly connect your data, voice and video systems. We expertly design cabling systems that increase uptime, scalability and return on investment while decreasing your technology footprint and operating costs. 

Looking for something else? See the full list of our technologies and services.

  • We offer support from beginning to end on all the technologies we recommend.
  • All our products are covered by our unique Technology Investment Guarantee.

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