Technology Investment Guarantee

At Advanced Network Systems, our industry-renowned technical services set us head and shoulders apart from our competition. Our service philosophy is centered on accountability to our clients, and our business processes are designed to deliver results through a combination of expertise, responsiveness and client-focused interaction.

When you purchase products from Advanced Network Systems, you get these valuable technical support services that go along with them. If you're looking into our competitors, ask if they include these services with every sale. If you don't ask, you’re not making a true apples-to-apples value comparison.


ASSURANCE #1: We make sure that the product you buy is correct. (Pre-sale engineering support)

ASSURANCE #2: We stand behind all of our installation work. (Implementation support)

ASSURANCE #3: If a product we’ve newly installed fails, we replace it. (Implementation support)

ASSURANCE #4: When you need someone local to help, we’re there. (Post-sale support)

ASSURANCE #5: Wherever your product is in its lifecycle, we can help. (Product lifecycle support)

Our clients' experiences really do matter to us, and we have a 99+% customer statisfaction rating to back that up.

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