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Regardless of its size, your organization is in the crosshairs of an increasingly complex and sophisticated array of cyber threats. Including targeted email attacks, ransomware and web exploits, just to name a few. Along with an ever-growing list of dangerous emerging threats.

When you implement a layered combination of the right security solutions, you significantly reduce the likelihood that your network will be compromised, your data monetized, or a complete shut down of your operations. Strengthening your cybersecurity measures also gives your clients and business partners the added confidence of knowing that your systems are actively protected against hackers and other unauthorized users.

Improving your cybersecurity is a sound business move—and when it comes to taking the cost and complexity out of the process, we're the experts.

  • next-generation firewalls (NGFW) and unified threat management (UTM)
  • anti-malware/antivirus
  • endpoint detection and response
  • network access control
  • intrusion detection
  • auditing and reporting
  • data encryption
  • backup and DR

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Wi-Fi & Mobility

Today, work is no longer "a place" where your employees go. This means having a more agile, competitive work environment is more essential than ever. It requires giving your people easy and secure access to their co-workers, clients and company resources—wherever they are. But, as your employees become increasingly mobile and remote, you have to be able to successfully support the growing number and variety of connected devices and applications. To dependably and transparently accommodate all these rapidly changing requirements, you'll need to run them on a secure, fast and reliable network infrastructure.

Delivering a quality end-user experience—from the wireless edge, across the wired LAN, to the WAN, using industry-leading technology—is what we do best.

  • wireless site surveys
  • network audits
  • on-premise and cloud solutions
  • wi-fi security, access and management
  • byod policy support

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Core Networking

Your core infrastructure is the backbone of your network. It's responsible for fast and reliable transport of information across your entire organization, and providing system users with critical voice, data, and video services when and where they need it.

From our perspective, we view the core of your network as not only "mission control" for what you're doing today, but also a platform to enable future change and growth. So, when we build one, we incorporate forward-looking capabilities and best practices into our design. Like the ability to support new and emerging services, incorporate security and management, and scale as your organization grows.

Not all IT solutions and vendors are the same—let us show you how an expertly designed network infrastructure can provide a better return on your technology investments.

  • enterprise servers and virtualization
  • switching
  • storage
  • VPN gateway
  • backup and disaster recovery
  • network power
  • QoS and management

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Business Phone Systems

If your organization is like most, the way you operate today has dramatically changed—and who knows what the future may bring. This means your phone system should be a next-level, on-site or hybrid cloud solution that can support whatever transformation your business operations may need.

Our robust phone systems, video collaboration applications and contact center solutions are all part of our game-changing communication platform. So, you can say goodbye to complex, hard to use communications and hello to the unified and scalable capabilities you need to take your operations to the next level—through mobility, team collaboration, video conferencing and exceptional customer experience delivery.

Welcome to the world of seamless communication. Where each element provides features that can keep your organization flexible, innovative and competitive—all while significantly reducing your total cost of ownership.

  • business phone systems
  • communication and collaboration tools
  • mobility
  • softphones/workspaces
  • contact center

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Structured Cabling

While always behind the scenes, cabling is a critical component of your infrastructure that enables high-speed, high-performance networking. A high-quality cabling system provides reliable connections and efficiently accommodates network changes with minimal workflow disruption and network downtime. Within a single office, multiple buildings, or a large-scale campus environment, you can always expect expert design, installation and termination services that seamlessly connect next-generation voice, data, and video technology.

No matter how your network changes and grows throughout its lifecycle, we'll provide a future-proof cabling infrastructure that will adapt to meet new technology and demands.

  • copper cable
  • fiber solutions
  • patch panels and cross-connects
  • racks and cable management
  • cabinets
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Technical Support

project support

Need help with a special technology project? Leverage our specialized expertise to manage the installation of new technology or augment the resources in your own IT department. Whether you need help with a server migration, secure Wi-Fi, or a business phone solution, we have all the right technology and project management experts to successfully implement the technology you need.

maintenance support programs

Did you realize that a standard manufacturer's warranty typically provides hardware repair or replacement on a non-prioritized basis? And that the warranty repair and return process can often take days, and sometimes even weeks? Our maintenance support programs are designed to augment a manufacturer's warranty and minimize costly downtime. In addition to proactive system maintenance, if your covered equipment fails, our program includes prioritized support response, systems troubleshooting, and advance hardware replacements. Plan options allow you to select the coverage hours that best fit the way you operate.

Download an Overview (PDF) of how our NetWORKS® Maintenance Programs go above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty. When your technology solution is critical to your business operations, don't rely on a standard product warranty. We provide all the technical services needed to quickly restore a failed system and minimize costly downtime.

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