IT Security Assessment

Have a More Secure Network Environment. Maintain Regulatory Compliance.

Small and medium-sized organizations face the same security issues and vulnerabilities as larger companies. But more often than not, they don’t have the same resources to protect their network operations and intellectual property from hackers and the ever-increasing types of malware. For a small organization, even a single security incident can have detrimental impacts including interrupted operations, loss of confidential data, and damaged brand image and reputation. Along with these issues you’ll be forced to deal with all the short-term (unplanned) increased costs associated with fixing the damage and recovering from what often becomes a dire emergency situation.

For smaller organizations across Virginia and West Virginia, designing and implementing a security plan that most effectively addresses threats, while also making the most effective use of budgets and resources, is often a major challenge. That’s where Advanced Network Systems’ IT Security Assessment solution can help. This assessment is a low-cost, high-impact solution that identifies network security vulnerabilities and provides access to the IT expertise needed to navigate the complex issues of securing business assets.

Along with this important evaluation, Advanced Network Systems has the technical resources to remediate any issues identified within the assessment and can help you maintain a sound, ongoing security posture with the most up to date technology.

Stay Compliant with Regulations Affecting Your Business

Organizations subject to regulatory compliance that safeguards electronic data, like PCI (credit cards), HIPAA (medical records), Sarbanes-Oxley (investment), and GLBA (consumer financial records), should regularly test their security systems and processes. Vulnerabilities are being discovered daily by hackers and researchers, and regularly scheduled testing is an important way to ensure security is maintained over time and with any changes in software.


  • Penetration test of perimeter systems. Using industry-recognized testing tools, an Advanced Network Systems Security Engineer will probe Internet-facing IP addresses for potential weaknesses. Basic service includes up to 5 Internet-facing IP addresses.
  • Assessment discovery report. A report will be provided containing the results of the penetration test. This documentation will highlight areas of vulnerability that are found and categorize vulnerabilities by their severity level.
  • Assessment report review conference (up to 1 hour). An Advanced Network Systems Security Consultant will discuss the report content, provide general remediation recommendations and insight into best practices, as well as address any other security concerns you may have relative to the security evaluation.


  • Proactive. Discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your network security BEFORE they impact your organization.
  • Informative. Gain an understanding of your real level of exposure to hackers and malware in today’s high-risk IT environment. Evaluate how your current IT security measures compare to industry standards.
  • Results Oriented. Obtain actionable information to start building a security plan that’s right for your organization.
  • Proven Performance. Leverage Advanced Network Systems’ 15-years of experience and expertise in creating and delivering security solutions to numerous organizations.
  • Affordable. Designed and priced specifically for a small and medium-sized organization’s budget and requirements.
  • Complete and Easy. All essential elements included in a single security package.