Frequently Asked Questions about Our Managed Security Services Program

The ability to keep your business data and network operations secure can literally determine the success or failure of your business.

Managed Security Services from Advanced Network Systems provide the required technology and expertise to address your security vulnerabilities plus identify and respond to emerging threats in real-time. In a nutshell, we've packaged an enterprise-class security program priced for small and mid-sized organizations.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive regarding how our Managed Security Services work:

What is Advanced Network Systems' Managed Security Program?

Advanced Network Systems provides a complete program of network security services. The program delivers the most advanced cyber threat detection technologies and a team of security experts that continually protect your IT systems and data. All of this protection is packaged in a program that costs only a fraction of what it would take to hire just one new IT person. We cover all of your important core network resources (servers, switches, firewalls, etc.) and can also cover your remote and mobile devices. We identify and fix vulnerabilities, monitor systems and identify threats in real-time, respond to cyber incidents, and give you complete visibility into your security posture. If actionable security issues arise, we either notify and consult with your staff or automatically respond to incidents with a complete, closed-loop service program.

Is the Managed Security Services Program expensive?

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and cost-effective it is to implement Advanced Network Systems' managed security program. Our program is designed to take both the cost and complexity out of cybersecurity. Based on your assessed needs, we put a security operations center, the most current threat intelligence, and a locally-based team of cyber experts at your disposal. You pay an affordable, flat, monthly price and get enterprise-quality security services.

How does Advanced Network Systems' security program help lower my security risks?

We offer a comprehensive, multi-level program that addresses your specific organizational risks and requirements. It provides you with a solid security foundation and helps you proactively manage risks that you face in a continually changing threat landscape. Our process begins by identifying your security risks and gaps. These risks and gaps are prioritized and corrected to minimize your vulnerabilities. Next, we take on the role of your IT security department – watching ongoing activity and changes with 24x7 monitoring, expert analysis, incident alerting, and response services.

What is the Advanced Network Systems security program model?

Advanced Network Systems' program model evaluates your security posture based on actual, identified risks to your organization. We identify the weaknesses in your security, then we analyze the nature and severity of each vulnerability. We perform any remediation needed to close the security gaps identified – establishing a stronger baseline security posture. Our focus is on enabling your business to operate more securely – not just locking things down. The more secure you are, the more efficient and protected your operations. This change translates into lower security costs.

What is the gap analysis you provide?

Our analysis covers a multitude of cybersecurity areas for small and mid-sized organizations. We examine industry standards and governance requirements that apply to your organization. We gather and use qualitative and quantitative information to find the vulnerabilities in your current security posture. Then we give you recommendations on how to minimize the vulnerabilities and address emerging threats based on your business practices, market strategy, and budget.

What tools do you use to manage our security?

Advanced Network Systems uses a three-pronged approach to improve cyber protection. This includes industry best practices, state-of-the-art cyber security tools and cybersecurity expertise that only we can deliver. We have partnerships with world-class providers and can often manage some (or all) of the technology you've already made investments in.

I already have a firewall and antivirus. Why do I need an additional security program?

This is good news! Both are necessary pieces of a comprehensive security program. But effective security is about having multiple-layers of protection and there are a host of other requirements needed to ensure your network is effectively protected. Advanced Network Systems can often work with the investments you've already made (such as firewalls, antivirus and IDS) to better secure your network environment. We can show you where your security baseline stands today by identifying any current gaps, and we can improve your stance with a comprehensive solution that keeps you covered.

We already have IT employees that take care of security, so aren't we covered?

Your IT people are an asset to your company and are much needed. But, just like in other professions, specialists bring a deeper level of understanding and expertise to the table. Cybersecurity requires a very specialized skill set that most IT people simply can't provide because security is a full-time endeavor – one that's above and beyond standard IT functions. Advanced Network Systems complements your IT team the same way a specialist doctor complements your primary care physician. We have the security capabilities, tools, and expertise that's moved from a "nice to have" to a "must have" capability for all organizations large or small.

We already have an IT service provider, so why do we need Advanced Network Systems?

Many IT service providers focus only on the break/fix part of IT or installing and supporting workstation hardware and software. While this is a great service, it's not network security; even if it includes end-point protection such as antivirus software. Our solutions are designed to complement your traditional IT provider services. We provide services other IT service providers don't, including vulnerability assessments, real-time threat detection and alerting, and incident analysis and response. These aspects make our program a critical, additional layer of protection that you're probably not already getting from your IT provider.

Why is Advanced Network Systems different from other Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)?

We look at IT security from a business enablement point of view – not a lock down and prevent angle. We start by looking at your business drivers and processes, then we map your security strategy to your business needs – not the other way around. We avoid selling you software and hardware that just adds complexity. Instead, we build a program around enabling you to do business more securely and efficiently. Our goal is to help your organization to grow and thrive while reducing its ever-changing risks.

We just passed our PCI, HIPAA compliance audit. Why should I worry about more security?

Compliance and security are both important. However, you can be compliant and still have gaps in your security. We know it's critical that your policies, processes, and governance all comply with industry and governmental regulations. But being in compliance doesn't ensure that all measures needed to address security risks are in place and working correctly. The systems and processes Advanced Network Systems uses support compliance and, at the same time, establish a more proactive and comprehensively secure IT environment.

We're too small of an organization to have any security problems, right?

Wrong! 70% of all network hacks are now happening to organizations with fewer than 100 employees. Furthermore, approximately 60% of small to mid-sized companies go out of business within six months of experiencing a major cyber-attack. This means smaller organizations actually need just as much security as larger ones – not less. Regardless of size, no organization should consider itself a low-value target. Thanks to a multitude of readily available hacking tools, the networks and employee devices of small and mid-sized organizations are more vulnerable to attack than ever. The good news is that, in the past, enterprise-grade security was only available to large corporations and government agencies that could afford the high price tag. Advanced Network Systems has removed the financial barrier to having better security – providing a more level playing field for every organization.

We don't have any critical data that anyone would want, so why should I care about this program?

You have valuable data in your payroll records, accounting, and financial processing systems. You may also have intellectual property. In certain instances, your obligations can include government-mandated security compliance, and securing your data records is not the only thing you should be considering. You have other risks and liabilities including preventing mistakes and misuse by employees as well as malicious intrusions that can be used to attack a business partner, customer, or even your employees. Another major concern should be the ability to recover from a ransomware attack, major system failure, or a natural disaster. What if your building is damaged beyond repair? The ability to continue to perform critical business functions if your computers are down for a day, a week, or more can easily seal your fate. Each of these areas are part of the business-enablement focus that Advanced Network Systems provides.

When you say, "The right security enables business," what does that mean?

The practice of cybersecurity has traditionally been defined by two equal and opposing needs: increased security or increased usability. In the past, these needs have been at odds, where increasing security meant giving up flexibility and productivity. Advanced Network Systems' focus is on enabling both productivity and protection of your valuable IT assets at the same time. First we look at how you do business, then we incorporate solutions and methods that most effectively secure and support your operations.

How does having good cybersecurity help me make money?

A secure network environment enables your employees to be more efficient. For clients and business partners, it also increases the satisfaction and trust level when dealing with your organization. A secure, reliable network helps give your customers access to what they need quickly and without compromise, which increases satisfaction and loyalty. Your clients choose suppliers that they can trust, so secure operations can definitely be used as a marketing tool. We can also help you protect the revenue you generate from mistakes, misuse, and malice. And, depending on your target markets and business strategies, we can help with a variety of other security-related issues as well.

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