Managed Disaster Recovery Services Features

Our Managed DR program provides proactive backup and data replication, coupled with redundant networking and applications designed to “failover” in the event of an outage. This allows mission-critical systems to remain operational with limited disruption. The recovery component is more reactive – focusing on the use of backups to restore failed IT systems such as servers or mainframes, a private branch exchange (PBX) or even local-area networks (LANs). The goal is to provide whatever is necessary to meet the immediate business needs in the event of a failure.

Included Features*

Managed DR Services 

End-To-End Management & Verification of Backups
Troubleshooting for Backup Failures
Services to Ensure Backups Run on Time & Cloud Sync Is On Schedule
Block-Level Encryption
Services to Restart or Fix Issues if Block Level Verification Fails
Advanced Security & 24x7x365 DDoS Prevention
Virtualization of Individual Machines on Appliance & Cloud
Automatic Data Replication between Multiple Datacenters
Granular Scheduling of Backup & Retention Policies
Unlimited Local Backups for Each Protected Machine
Full Disaster Recovery Support1
Flexible and Granular File and Folder Browsing & Recovery1
Database Restores for MS Exchange And SQL1
Bare-Metal Restores for Windows Servers1
One Daily Cloud Recovery Point
Customizable Cloud Recovery Points
Quarterly Status Reporting
Semi-Annual Disaster Recovery Testing

*  Features available only for the servers you choose to have managed. Exceptions apply based on product age, condition and manufacturer.​
1 6am - 6pm ET, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.


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