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Uncertainty is a business killer. To be successful, companies have to know that their critical IT systems will be available on demand and will keep up with their ongoing business needs. At the same time, companies also have to be able to plan for and justify their IT expenses. Many organizations can't afford to hire an entire IT department of certified technicians to properly manage each aspect of their network. And most find the challenges of continually understanding, implementing and managing their network technology to be an overwhelming job.

That's where an IT partner, like Advanced Network Systems steps in. We specialize in providing technology services to support and maintain your IT network, without crippling your finances. We expertly handle all the day-to-day IT tasks involved with ensuring your network technology runs reliably and supports your operations. Our programs for servers and workstations are an easy and affordable way to ensure maximum systems uptime, employee productivity, and the most impactful use of your IT budget. We also provide on-demand helpdesk services that give your employees the fast, expert help they need, so annoying computer problems don’t keep them “stuck in their tracks."

Our programs offer the flexibility to provide as much or as little support as you need. So, even if you have some type of in-house IT resources, by covering the time-consuming “basics,” we free up your IT staff to focus on higher-level, strategic IT functions.

Your IT systems should be an investment for business growth, not a drag on productivity and profitability.

The Value of Our Managed Network Services

Know how much you’re going to spend each month for IT. With little to no surprise fees for emergency repairs, you won’t have to guess about how to plan and manage your budget.

With intelligent remote monitoring, we watch over your IT environment 24/7, proactively identifying system events, and keeping small issues from becoming big, expensive ones. When something does fail, our IT experts go to work to fix the problem, minimizing your downtime. So no more gambling with your employees’ productivity and your company’s reputation.

Even when IT systems aren't actually down, they still need to be maintained for best performance. We apply patches and service packs, ensure good backups, keep malware at bay, and perform a host of other proactive maintenance services. This extends the overall lifecycle of your systems and maximizes the value of your IT assets over time.

Feel assured that your IT systems are always available and ready to support your business in the directions you want to go.

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