Managed Security Services Features

You don’t have to look very hard to recognize that network security breaches are rising both in volume and sophistication. Small and medium-sized organizations need a comprehensive security program, including a team of experts to analyze and address security issues as they arise. We proactively monitor all your network resources enabling us to zero-in on security threats in real-time. You get visibility into security incidents that can adversely affect your business, plus the expert advice and services needed to correct vulnerabilities and thwart attacks. All of this is available at a fraction of the cost of adding even one IT security specialist to your own staff.

Included Features*

Managed Security Services

Network Security Audit
Baseline Penetration Test
Security Posture Plan
Monitoring Customization
Monitor and Analyze
24/7 Automated Threat Detection
Log Collector
Incident Ticketing
Removal of False Positive Events
Threat Analysis by a Security Expert1
Foundational Forensic Research1
Practical Guidance on Threat Remediation1, 2
Device Configuration Assistance1, 2
24/7 Per-Incident Email Notification
Monthly Status Updates
Quarterly Security Posture Review
Quarterly Penetration Test and Report3
Basic Device Performance Data2
Compliance Reports (PCI, HIPPA, etc.)3
End-user Security Training (basic)4

* Features available only for the network resources and workstations you choose to have managed. Eligible devices: physical and virtual servers, firewalls, SANs, switches/routers, wireless controllers, and workstations with either Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OSX. Exceptions apply based on age, condition, and manufacturer.
1 6am - 6pm ET, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
2 Supported applications/operating systems only. Remediation not included. Installation or replacement of hardware or software not included. Upgrades to new versions of software/OS not included.

3 Quarterly testing & reports are available at an additional cost.
4 Enhanced Security Training Package available at an additional charge.

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