Maintenance Programs

Can you afford to wait for repair service from the manufacturer?

Very few organizations can operate without a reliable phone or computer network system.

Yet, many people don't realize that a standard manufacturer’s warranty only provides repair and/or replacement of hardware on a non-prioritized basis, and only after the failed or defective equipment is received at their service facility. This process, under normal circumstances, can take days or sometimes even weeks.

Advanced Network Systems’ NetWORKS® Maintenance Programs go far beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, providing the right level of responsiveness and all the technical services needed to quickly restore a failed system and minimize costly downtime.

NetWORKS® Maintenance Programs are available for our clients in Virginia and West Virginia on an annual, contractual basis.  Our programs can be built around your specific business requirements, as well as the level of internal resources you have to devote to IT support.


Business Value

ANS NetWORKS® Maintenance Programs Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty
Expedited Response Time We provide a service response from our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) within four hours of a notification/request for help.

You know your call for help will be answered quickly.
Problem Troubleshooting & Identification Our certified technical personnel investigate and isolate the source of a failure within your network.

You know you will receive a professional technical evaluation and diagnosis of your problem.
Advance Hardware Replacements We ensure a spare part is available for dispatch prior to receiving a failed product back from you.

You know your network will be up and running with minimal down time, without waiting for normal repair service from the manufacturer.
Advance Hardware Installation We provide the service required to properly install and configure the advance replacement equipment to get you back up and running ASAP.

You know that the labor required to install your spare part in will be included at no extra charge.
RMA Processing for Failed Equipment We return equipment that has failed to the manufacturer (either damaged or defective, and either in- or out-of-warranty) and coordinate with them for equipment repair or replacement.

You know you won’t have the inconvenience of dealing with an equipment manufacturer in order to get your hardware properly repaired or replaced.
Service Provider Liaison When needed, we provide you with representation/ advocacy and interface with third-party service providers to exchange information for expedited problem resolution.

You know you have someone working on your behalf that can talk technical with your local phone company or internet service provider to pinpoint and resolve issues.
Preventative Services We perform scheduled system maintenance services that keep your equipment operating reliably and at peak performance.

You know that your system is getting proactive attention to identify potential issues before they arise, preventing unnecessary down time.