The way new technology is incorporated into an organization matters. Our process includes all the key elements needed to ensure a successful technology implementation—choosing the best solution, delivered on-time, on-budget, and with minimal disruptions. These are the principles we’ve operated by, every day, since 1996.

“A good process produces good results.”

—Nick Saban

1. strategic planning. Learning who you are as an organization and what you want to achieve is the first step on the path to success.  This stage is where we gain a clear understanding of your mission, organizational values and long-term direction.  It serves as a guide for our overall efforts, and helps us prioritize and align investments in IT with your business vision.

2. design/engineering. Our pre-sale technical services are some of the most valuable we offer. Developing a sound and stable design involves a careful balancing act between business requirements, situational constraints, and technological opportunities. In this stage, we consider all the goals and key objectives, then carefully select the best products and services to support them. The end result is a solution which is built to address each client’s expectation for performance, reliability and budget, along with their underlying requirements for security, manageability and scale.

3. technology integration & project management. After designing your new technology solution, each of your system elements are incorporated into their operational environment. This critical step involves its integration with your existing overall network infrastructure, including hardware, software applications and communications. During installation, we ensure new and existing systems are compatible with each other and that all elements meet expected functionality and performance expectations. Testing and acceptance, along with basic system training for staff (if desired), are also provided during this stage.

4. ongoing support/lifecycle management. Just like your company autos, your IT hardware is a business asset that needs to be regularly maintained and, eventually, refreshed. Performing proper maintenance support can significantly extend the life of your technology assets. And when it comes to asset lifecycle management, the proper plan for replacing your machines shouldn’t be based on just timing alone. By assessing your network, users and workload, and we can recommend an optimal hardware refresh cycle for you. We’ll help you plan for refreshes in phases, based on the specifics of each unit—allowing you to roll-out your upgrades in a series of budget-friendly stages.