6 Ways to Save Money and Boost Your IT with Managed Services

There are certain times of the business year that you might find yourself wishing you could just clone yourself. You might even want clones of your entire team to achieve those quick deadlines and turnarounds. In accordance with Murphy’s Law, technology will oftentimes fall prey to problems, such as hardware failures and network downtime, during these already stressful times. This gives you and your teams more to deal with. Although clones would be helpful, there’s another (and currently more realistic) option available for businesses looking to confront their IT woes: Managed Services.

Managed Services have evolved over the last few years, expanding to help businesses better prepare for the current and future IT landscape. Proactive planning, maintenance, and preparation go a long way to save a business money and make their IT more reliable. Here are six ways that Managed Services can help your business achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and revenue:

1) Improved Automation:Automated processes effectively reduce the costs of manual processes which are time-consuming and error-prone. Collaborating with a Managed Service Provider, to identify specific processes that would benefit from automation, will actually help prevent negative impacts on productivity and budget.

2) Reliable Network Security: It used to be that cash was the hot item to steal; now, your data is the hot item to steal. With the increase of cyber-attacks on companies of all types, companies need comprehensive security strategies. A qualified Managed Service Provider can be your dependable and knowledgeable guard, fortifying your networks and deflecting potential attackers away from your data assets so you can focus on other important issues.

3) Collaborative Technologies: These technologies limit data storage needs and enhance productivity through streamlined communication and file sharing applications. A Managed Service Provider can help you find and obtain competitive solutions and applications that will match your company needs and productivity requirements.

4) Better Data Gathering and Reporting: It’s not enough just to have data. Companies need to have quality data and insights to make changes. With 50 percent of companies questioning the validity of their data, having a partner to help gather and report insights helps your business agility, competitiveness, and goals.

5) More Budget Control: Like your utility bills, your Managed Service Provider will typically bill you each month.  But unlike your utility bills, your bill for Managed IT Services will be predictable. In addition, the IT maintenance Managed Service Providers proactively deliver minimize costs that stem from break-fix IT, where your company may spend much more money and time on repairs rather than preventing them in the first place.

6) A Virtual CIO to Captain Your IT: Working with an expert in any field provides you with expertise and advice that help you plan and succeed more so than you would be able to do on your own. Your Managed Service Provider can present your company with efficient, affordable, and profitable IT recommendations and guidance.

With an effective Managed Service Provider, your company can save money and time with powerful IT infrastructure capabilities. Because you would no longer have to wish for instant clones, you will have the time to develop those future-focused business plans. To explore how your company can benefit from Managed Services, contact the experts at Advanced Network Systems for a free initial consultation and financial analysis.