Security Audits | Vulnerability Testing

Security audits, also known as network vulnerability assessments (NVAs), are a pillar of network security. The overall objective of a Security Audit is to evaluate the controls over network resources and information that are in place and make recommendations for improvement. When regularly performed, they are a key component in helping organizations significantly enhance their security posture, comply with regulatory requirements and reduce their legal liability.

Ensuring effective network security is a continuous exercise. It involves ongoing policy implementations and enforcement, along with hardware and software settings that must be examined and fine-tuned on a regular basis. A security audit provides a complete examination of the network and is aimed at identifying risks, weak points, and potential threats.

Service Highlights

  • Identification of audit objectives (compliance, etc.)
  • A study of the overall system (hardware/software) and existing security measures and policies
  • Probing/testing that simulates various internal and external exploits
  • A report documenting security issues found
  • An assessment interpreting results and prioritizing vulnerabilities according to risk level
  • Specific recommendations for corrective action and implementation of “best security practices” for your organization

See our IT Security Assessment page for details.