ShoreTel IP Phone Training for End-Users

ShoreTel VoIP Phones End User Training

End User Training

ShoreTel’s brilliantly simple solution was built from the ground up, making it easy to manage and use. That same philosophy applies to their end user training offerings for customers. Here, we've gathered ShoreTel's end-user-focused guides and self-paced training videos on ShoreTel Connect and ShoreTel 14.2 phones, applications and conferencing products.

Custom Training

Designed by experts to help you get the most out of your ShoreTel deployment, we cover everything you need to know about using and managing your ShoreTel unified communications system. Contact us to schedule a training program for your organization.

User Guides, Quick Reference & Training Videos

ShoreTel Connect

Connect Client: User Guide | Quick Reference | Training Video: Basic | Training Video: Advanced
Video Collaboration: User Guide | Training Video
Voicemail: Quick Reference


IP655 Executive Phone: User Guide | Quick Reference
IP485g: User Guide | Quick Reference
IP480/IP480g: User Guide | Quick Reference
IP420/IP420g: User Guide | Quick Reference
IP230g: User Guide | Quick Reference | Training Video
IP115: User Guide | Quick Reference | Training Video
IPBB424 Button Box: User Guide
IP930D Cordless Phone: Handset User Guide | Base Station User Guide | Quick Reference
Dock: Quick Reference


ShoreTel Mobility

Android: User Guide | Quick Reference
BlackBerry: User Guide | Quick Reference
iPad: User Guide | Quick Reference
iPhone/iPod: User Guide | Quick Reference | Installation Quick Reference
Nokia: User Guide | Quick Reference

ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center

Agent Toolbar: User Guide
Supervisior: User Guide

ShoreTel Premises (14.2 or earlier)

We've collected and categorized key ShoreTel Premises end user information below. If you don't find what you need here, see ShoreTel's full Premises knowledge base.

ShoreTel Communicator v14.2: User Guide | Training Video
Communicator for Mobile v14.2: User Guide
ShoreTel Conferencing v14.2: User Guide | Quick Reference [v13] | Training Video
ShoreTel Voicemail: Quick Reference

Legacy Phones

IP565g: User Guide | Quick Reference | Training Video
IP530/IP560/IP560g: User Guide | Quick Reference | Training Video
IP265: User Guide | Quick Reference | Training Video
IP230: User Guide | Quick Reference | Training Video
IP212k: User Guide | Quick Reference | Training Video
IP210: User Guide
IP110: User Guide | Quick Reference | Training Video
IP100: Quick Reference
IP8000 Conference Phone: User Guide | Training Video
IPBB24 Button Box: User Guide | Training Video