Our Team

Our Team

Each client at Advanced Network Systems is assigned a service team that handles every functional area of their account. We know that having a positive service experience is dependent upon having easy access to people who can answer questions and get you any other help you might need. It's this collaborative, team approach that sets us head and shoulders above our competition.

We’re invested in working together, and our clients reap the benefits.

Our account teams include the following service advocates:

Account Executives are available when:

  • You need help on a complex project coming up.
  • You're interested in a certain technology or service and you'd like to learn more about it.
  • You would like to see a technology demo or presentation.

Sales Engineers are available when:

  • You're interested in a technology or service and you need to discuss the technical details.

Inside Sales Representatives are available when:

  • You need a quote.
  • You're ready to place an order.
  • You have a question about an existing order.
  • You're not sure who you need to talk to.

Our Technical Assistance Center and its certified staff are available 365 days a year to assist you. Call our Technical Assistance Center directly at 866.338.0361 or 434.220.9293 to place a request for support when:

  • You need technical support for an issue you are experiencing.
  • You need a change made on your network, phone system or another product we support
  • You have a technical question about one of your systems.

An Accounting Manager is available when:

  • You have a billing or payment question.