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Understanding Zero-Day Threats and Their Importance in Security Strategy

August 19, 2019 in Cybersecurity

Understanding Zero-Day Threats and Their Importance in Security Strategy

Cybersecurity has never been simple, but today the number and severity of cyber threats can be overwhelming to businesses. Antivirus software and other traditional security solutions are highly effective at identifying and protecting against threats that are known in the cybersecurity community. But new, emerging threats that target unknown vulnerabilities in computer systems, are being released daily. And, because these unknown software vulnerabilities haven’t yet been  patched the manufacturer, a hacker’s potential to wage an attack on your business by exploiting this vulnerability is extremely high.

These unknown – or zero-day – threats can be the most dangerous because, without the right next-generation security solutions in place, they are extremely hard to defend against. This means that by the time the new threat is identified and a security patch is developed, distributed and applied, an attack on your system may already be well underway.

Technology can be a double-edged sword

For small and mid-sized organizations, using the most up-to-date technology solutions can be a double-edged sword. While it allows them to more effectively compete with large enterprises, technology also gives cyber criminals more opportunities to do harm if not properly secured. Small and mid-sized organizations typically spend the least amount of resources on cybersecurity. Cyber criminals are well aware of this phenomenon which makes under protected organizations their favorite, easy targets. At the same time, cybercriminals are using automation like artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced software processes to reduce their costs and wreak untold damage on an unprecedented scale.

Effective response requires more than traditional methods

Now that we better understand the risks associated with zero-day threats, let’s talk about what a business can do to defend against them. Cybersecurity is often thought of in terms of defense. And a strong defense is an essential component of combating known threats and variant threats that share similar characteristics. Traditional security measures like anti-virus and basic firewalls can be an effective way to defend against the majority of  known threats. However, when it comes to effectively dealing with zero-day threats, another approach is required.

The best defense against zero-day threats is a combination of ongoing monitoring, threat correlation and detection, paired with expert analysis, alerting and response tools to mitigate damage once the threat is detected. A Managed Security Services Program provides all these essential security protections used by larger corporations, at a price designed for small and mid-sized organizations.

The value of managed security: improved intelligence and reduced risk

Even in the face of unknown threats, your company doesn’t have to be under-protected and unprepared. Advanced Network Systems applies cutting-edge technology and the latest industry intelligence to identify and respond to suspicious activity and security incidents. Our Managed Security Services Program starts with a baseline audit, vulnerability testing and remediation services to identify and eliminate gaps in your security, and develop a plan to strengthen your overall security posture. After implementation, the program provides ongoing protection using 24/7 monitoring, expert threat detection and analysis, and other industry-leading tools. 

Is your organization still using traditional security measures like anti-virus and a firewall? Are you confident your current security will keep your business protected against zero-day and other next-generation threats? Contact ANS to find out more about where the gaps in your security are and how to proactively address all the newest threats to your ever-changing network environment.