The Cost of Network Downtime

To understand the importance of maintaining a stable network environment, you need to look no further than your organization's bottom line. IT systems downtime, whether it affects an individual user or an entire company, means lost revenue. 

The next time you need to drive home the importance of maintaining a stable technical environment, give your organization solid evidence of the true cost of system downtime. You may be surprised at how expensive even a single hour of downtime turns out to be. Using our calculator helps develop an appreciation for downtime costs and makes financial and other key decision makers think twice about cutting budgets essential to maintaining reliable IT systems.

You can calculate an estimate of the cost of IT downtime for your organization by downloading our Network Downtime Cost Calculator. (xls)

Here's an Example

Organization X:
2,080 operating hours annually
$1M annual operating budget
$7M annual sales goal

Here’s what downtime could cost them annually:

  3% Downtime 1% Downtime
Downtime Hours 62 21
Downtime Cost $240K $80K

If Organization X’s downtime was just 2% lower, it could save $160K in wasted labor hours and lost revenue generating opportunities, not to mention the high cost of emergency IT services.

What can you do about it?

Plan ahead. We offer programs that reduce your organization’s downtime:

Managed IT Services: Our proactive support program ensures maximum uptime, employee productivity, and the most impactful use of your IT budget. We're flexible, so we can fully support and maintain your network, or we can just handle the time-consuming basics to free up your IT staff for higher-level work.

Managed Security Services:  We go beyond the alarm bells of typical security software. Our security team preemptively closes gaps in your company's security posture without reducing your functionality. We also proactively monitor your network so suspicious activities can be identified and remediated as they occur.