Networked Video Surveillance Solutions

Networked video surveillance has demonstrated its value as a security measure again and again in a wide variety of situations.  Because it dovetails with existing IT systems, IP-based surveillance affords scalability, ease of management and requires less cabling than analog cameras. As a result, it has become the default choice of organizations wanting to add or expand their existing surveillance system. 

Although most of its uses fall under security surveillance, network video can be used in an almost unlimited number of indoor, outdoor and remote monitoring applications. In fact, video-enabled processes in all areas of operations, including production lines, employee/client interactions, traffic or customer flow, can help organizations reduce costs, as well as facilitate better and faster decisions.

As experts in IT network design and systems integration, Advanced Network Systems can analyze, engineer and install new systems and phased IP-enabled transitions for a wide variety of applications across either wired or wireless network infrastructures.

Benefits of IP-Based Video Surveillance

  • IP-based recording means instant transmittal of images anywhere in the world
  • Can monitor multiple cameras from one remote location
  • No decrease in recording quality over time or with repeated replays
  • Digital picture quality far superior to analog
  • IP-base recording is highly compressed for easier storage and can be transported over a variety of media
  • Digital images can be encrypted for security purposes
  • Updates and add-ons are relatively inexpensive through software packages and Internet computer networking
  • Adjustable frame rates
  • Remote or shared viewing may be done over the Internet or a wireless connection
  • Standard IP video compression techniques are used
  • IP surveillance cameras may be added individually or in groups according to your needs