HD Video Conferencing Solutions

Companies of all sizes can benefit from improved collaboration—and, compared to a conference call, video conferencing delivers much more interactive communication experience.

Video conferencing is now more affordable and easier to deploy than ever. With new advancements in virtualized infrastructure and cloud-based solutions, organizations of every size can collaborate over video without breaking the bank or burdening their IT resources.

Advanced Network Systems provides businesses with HD video conferencing solutions that incorporate the quality, flexibility and price needed for virtually every meeting environment and end-user platform.

For many smaller organizations, video collaboration enhances productivity and work relationships with:

  • remote teleworkers
  • multi-location workgroups
  • clients
  • suppliers
  • strategic business partners

Advanced Network Systems provides HD video conferencing solutions that address the most common barriers to video adoption:

  • COST: Video conferencing solutions must be affordable in order for businesses to realize return on investment.
  • COMPLEXITY: Small and medium-sized businesses typically have a small IT department and cannot invest in a technology that is different to deploy, manage and use.
  • CONVENIENCE: Many organizations operate under a BYOD policy. Video conferencing cannot be limited to large conference rooms; it must work on every device including smartphones, tablets and laptops.