Break Through the Cost and Complexity of Managing Your IT

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Technology helps small and mid-sized organizations stay competitive.

But managing technology also introduces challenges that can add up to significant expense and risk. Like the cost of hiring qualified staff, purchasing the right technologies to support growth, and keeping systems up-to-date and secure. Rather than struggle to keep pace with technology, many organizations turn to managed IT services for the help they need.

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What Can Advanced Network Systems Do for You?

proactive systems monitoring and management OS and application patching/updates systems maintenance support backup configuration and verification support incident management and break/fix support hardware and software lifecycle management CIO services

Why Managed IT?

The ability to keep pace with monitoring, maintaining, upgrading and securing your IT systems is often a day-to-day struggle. One that continually increases both your costs and complexity. A reliable managed services partner solves this problem by providing several valuable benefits:


A Stable IT Environment

You'll have a more reliable, faster and secure platform for business operations and minimal application downtime for employees. You'll also benefit from faster diagnosis and resolution of system problems, should one occur.


Lower, Predictable Costs

You'll know how much you're going to spend each month for IT. With fewer surprise fees for emergency repairs, and lifecycle management for hardware investments, you won't have to make big guesses about what to put in your IT budget.


Decreased Risk

A network outage or security breach can cripple an organization. The proactive nature of managed services is designed to keep small issues from becoming big, expensive ones. It delivers all the essential services you need 24/7; while eliminating the gaps worries that come with vacations, sick days or unfilled positions.


Depth and Breadth of Expertise

Trying to hire an IT staff with all right areas of expertise is usually cost-prohibitive. A managed services provider provides a complete team of technology experts along with industry-leading toolsets, operations automation, administration and facilities.


Better Responsiveness to Customers and Markets

With the technology and skills you need in place, your IT systems become a platform for innovation and growth. A managed services provider can help make the addition of new IT products and services happen faster and more efficiently; improving your agility and competitive position.


Better Allocation of Your Talent

Managed services provide foundational IT resources and expertise. This allows people within your organization to shift their focus to strategic initiatives that are critical to your big-picture success.

Calculate the Cost of Your Network Downtime

To understand the importance of maintaining a stable, reliable network environment, you need to look no further than your organization's bottom line. IT systems downtime, whether it affects an individual user or an entire company, means lost revenue. 

You may be surprised at how expensive even a single hour of downtime turns out to be. Using our calculator/estimator helps you develop a keen appreciation for downtime costs and supports the case for allocating the right amount in your budget to properly maintain your IT network.

Here's an Example:

ABC Company
2,080 operating hours annually
$1M annual operating budget
$7M annual sales goal

Here's What Downtime Could Cost Annually

3% Downtime 1% Downtime
Downtime Hours 62 21
Downtime Cost $240K $80K

use the calculator

Why Advanced Network Systems? We are Experts in IT Management

  • Your organization runs on technology.
  • You need a better way to ensure a reliable, high-performing network.
  • Having experts working 24x7 on your behalf is important.
  • That's where we come in.

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