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Cyber Security Think Your Organization Is Too Small for a Cyber Attack? Think Again.

71% of cyber attacks are now happening to organizations with 100 or fewer employees.

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Consider these truths:

  • The average cyber security incident now costs over $200,000.
  • Traditional security measures can't effectively protect networks and user devices from new and emerging threats.
  • Investing in a cyber risk assessment and the right security strategy offers the best protection.
  • It's easier to get started than you think.

Better cyber security is now available and affordable for organizations of any size. But improved security doesn't just happen. We can guide you through all the key steps today:

01 Cyber Security Risk Assessment

02 Security Strategy and Planning

03 Threat Protection, Detection, and Response

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Managed IT Services Constantly Putting Out Network Fires and Putting Off New Projects?

Get an "always on" network designed and managed for the way you do business.
All for a predictable and affordable monthly price.

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We're experts in taking the cost and complexity out of having a reliable network. And we give you back your most precious commodity: time.

  • Managed IT is one of the fastest-growing outsourced services among small and mid-sized organizations.
  • When your IT systems are critical, but you have limited time, money, and skills, managed IT allows you to stay focused on your core business.
  • Managed IT helps smaller organizations level the playing field by giving them access to the same technology and expertise as large companies.

Expert IT management and support services are available to organizations of all sizes. But a better network doesn't just happen. We can guide you through all the key steps today:

01 Network Operations Assessment

02 IT Strategy and Planning

03 Technology Management and Support

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Advanced Network Systems is Now Part of Magna5

October 4th, 2023 by admin

Advanced Network Systems is Now Part of Magna5

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce Advanced Network Systems’ acquisition by Magna5, a national provider of managed IT, public/private cloud...

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5 Ways Managed IT and Security Services Help During an Economic Downturn

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With inflation rising and the economy still reeling from the aftermath of coronavirus, many organizations have started thinking about ways to stay competitive...

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Why Firewalls and Antivirus Alone Aren’t Always Enough

March 15th, 2022 by admin

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Antivirus and firewalls are still the foundational backbone of any security program. While these traditional solutions can’t stop every attack,...

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The Road to Better Cybersecurity Starts Here

Ever wondered what it takes to properly defend your organization against a crippling cyberattack? Find out with our free cybersecurity assessment tool.

  • Discover where your vulnerabilities lie
  • Define where your focus needs to be
  • Make improvements by bridging the gaps
  • Start building a cyber defense program
  • Reduce your ongoing security risks

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